The #SeaDooLife has never looked so good!

For 2021 Sea-Doo continues to revolutionise the watercraft industry with an all-new high-performance platform, the industry’s first Bluetooth-enabled display and mind-blowing new rider-inspired features that allow riders to discover even more out of every precious moment on the water. Discover what’s new from Sea-Doo in 2021 below!

Release of the new 2021 Sea-Doo Watercraft.

Dive into the Sea-Doo 2020 line-up. The highest standard in watercraft technology:

2021 RXP-X 300 Walkaround

For model year 2021, Sea-Doo raises the bar in high-performance watercraft with the all-new RXP-X 300. With arm-stretching acceleration – reaching 0-50 MPH in under 3 seconds – the competition doesn’t hold a candle to this new rocket ship on water. Designed with race-inspired features that offer confidence-inspiring handling, a groundbreaking new hull design with incredible attention to detail and the revolutionary Sea-Doo on-board experiences that allows riders to dominate the race course on Saturday and enjoy the #SeaDooLife to the fullest on Sunday.

Panoramic Displays

The next evolution in the 2021 Sea-Doo Life is here with the all-new 7.8-inch Full Color Display. It’s the industry’s first Bluetooth-enabled gauge that takes every ride to the next level with smartphone app compatibility, ambient light sensing display, crystal clear hi-def view of vehicle vitals and simple push-button operation directly from the handlebars. Stay aware of weather, find your favorite tunes, and navigate your way through the day right from the dash of your watercraft.

Intelligent Debris Free – or iDF

The next intelligent watercraft technology from Sea-Doo offers a new level of peace of mind. The Intelligent Debris Free – or iDF – pump system allows riders to clear a clogged intake without ever leaving the seat of your watercraft. Standard on the Fish PRO and GTX Limited and optional on the GTX 170 and 230, iDF reverses the water flow through intake to clear debris that may have been ingested during watercraft operation. It’s the next Sea-Doo innovation to enable worry-free operation which leads to more fun, catching more fish and living the Sea-Doo Life a little better.

With so many ways to live the #SeaDooLife, it’s hard to pick just one. For 2021, the Sea-Doo Life is all about riders like you! Your adventures amaze. Your passion inspires. So, get out there. Live it. Love it. Share it… Because there’s nothing like it!