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Customisation. Next Level.
Offshore Performance, along with engineering experts at Golden Arrow Marine, specialise in customising Jet-Skis, Sea-Doos and other Personal and Tactical Water Craft. This might be for a personal project, ultimate gift or to match clients superyacht designs. We pride ourselves in our high end finish which includes :

Unique designs such as the customised Sea-Doo featured which was inspired by the Ford GT40 Le Monde race winner.

Custom paint jobs. Pearlescent, carbon effect also undertaken

Bespoke sea deck foot pads

Teak decking

Modified seating

Branded Accessories E.g. Cool Box

Hand stitched seating

By working with Golden Arrow Marine we can also customise rib tenders and other crafts so all ‘tenders and toys’ match the mother ship designs and interiors.

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